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Carriers Hit Tokyo! 1945/03/19

Published 1945

(1) "Plowing through tempestuous seas the U. S. Fifth Fleet takes positions several hundred miles off Tokyo ... the huge carriers of Task Force 58 emerge from the armada ... and fleets of war planes swoop away, their destination Tokyo. En route, Jap ships are plastered and sunk by air cannon. Tokyo's docks are pounded. Mammouth Imperial air fields are strafed repeatedly. Intercepting Zeros are destroyed. Gun cameras record power dives on sprawling Jap factories. Rockets speed down into an aluminum factory, and huge fires mount from Tokyo. "Combat loss - Jap 817 planes, 51 vessels - U.S. 9 planes and 4 pilots." (2) Old Glory Flies Over Iwo Jima - "With the costly beach head finally secure on Iwo Jima, the U.S. Marines turn their attention to Mt. Suribachi, the volcano which is covered with Jap guns. Off shore, U.S. Naval ships pour tons of shells into the mountain. The Marines slowly advance uphill as U.S. dive bombers place sticks of bombs immediately ahead of the Leathernecks. Jap fortifications with narrow entrances and huge, thick walls are reduced with hand grenades. Battered Jap gun emplacements, and scores of slain Japs are passed. When at last the summit is reached, the Marines enact one of the stirring scenes in American history, the Stars and Stripes are planted on Suribachi, 750 miles from Tokyo!" (partial newsreel)

Production Company Universal Studios
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


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